Public transport tips and schedules in Albania

Ksamil & ButrintHow to reach Ksamil

Ksamil is about 15 km from Saranda and 4 km from Butrint arceological site. You can reach Ksamil from Saranda and from Qafe Bote (Greek border).

From Saranda: there are buses, Saranda-Ksamil-Butrint and return, every 30 minutes during summer season and every hour during winter season, bus ticket is 1 euro. There are taxis as well which cost about 10 euro one way.

From Qafe Bote: This way is 57 km long and it is used very rare due to the capacity of the vesel in Butrint, there is no public transport, it is used only by those people travelling by private car from Greece or mostly through Igumenica/Greece Sea Harbour. Please check international ferry schedules from and to Igumenica. Igumenica-Ksamil map option: Map1 and Map2

SarandaHow to reach Saranda

You can reach Saranda by ferry from Corfu Island, by bus from Tirana and Gjirokastra

From Corfu This way you can reach Saranda by ferry only, check ferry schedules at Finikas Lines and Ionian Cruises.

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From Tirana Please pay attention! There are buses departing from Tirana to Saranda though Gjirokastra and other buses travelling along the coast, Make sure which rute you travel. Buses depart from Tirana twice per day during winter time and three times per day during summer time, Bus schedules will be soon published :)

Taxi from Tirana Airport to Saranda cost 20.000 leke (140 euro) and it takes about 5 hours.

From Gjirokastra There is no exact schedule for this route but we would say that there are buses and minibuses every time they get full of passangers from 06:00 am till the dusk

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