Who are WE and why you should trust us?

We are a team of three people working for this website offering our guests the best we can for a comfortable and affordable accommodation along the coast of Albania. We have tried to make our website the easiest we could for on line surfing, however if you feel in doubt or in case there is something not clear please feel free to contact us before you finish your reservations. Go to contact up right at the menu and write us your concern. All hotels that are published in our website are those who have agreed to work with us. We have entered as many details as we could to have our guest know what they should expect upon arrival.

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Lori Cimi Ganiela

We love to travel and we like to know every single detail of the place we go, before we start our holiday. So here you will find what you should know before taking the trip to the sunny land of Albania. Regarding reservations we have decided to include the first night prepayment, with the most secure and advanced method of payment Paypal pro, that includes payment with credit card or paypal account. However in case of any mistake or change of mind, that money may be refundable, if requested, within 24 hours of payment but not later than 14 days before arrival. Please remember that it is not a fee but a first night prepayment, meaning that you will pay the rest upon arrival.

We dedicate our time and expertise to an excellent online service, but we advise you book your room/apartment before you travel especially from 1st June to 15 September. So that time is the busiest time for both hoteliers and holiday makers, for that reason we strongly advise you to book in advance.

Since we work so hard to make every thing as clear as we would like to know if we were in you shoes, we kindly ask you not to ask any different price other than what we have published, there is already a 10% discount if you prepay for first night. But make sure that there is room/space available according to what you need sending us a message, and we will reply mostly within 2 hours but not later than 8 hours. If there is something urgent that we can help you, then feel free to contact us via phone numbers or skype chat as published at the end of the page.

So we are proud to offer you the best of what we have from our country, A SUNNY HOLIDAY YOU HAVE ALWAYS MISSED. Welcome, and feel like home!